Welcome to the National Shrine of Saint Jude shop

The National Shrine of Saint Jude, Apostle and Martyr, which was founded in 1955 is served by the Carmelite friars. Since the 1950s thousands of pilgrims have come to Faversham from all over the world to visit and pray at our little shrine to Saint Jude. It has become sacred with the prayers of the many pilgrims who have come here, and who tell movingly of their encounters with God and with one another.

We hope that our shop can help us in the spreading of the Gospel, and will provide a sense of connectedness with the Shrine. Our shop includes a number of religious gifts and souvenirs connected to Saint Jude, but also to other important national saints and Carmelite saints.

Featured products

Easter card pack - A

Pack of five cards of the same design with bible quote.

Shrine of Saint Jude calendar

Beautiful calendar with photos from the Shrine. Each month includes a postcard which can be removed. All special feast days included.

Easter card pack - B

Easter card pack - five cards of the same design with bible quote

Prayer cards to Saint Jude

Saint Jude was one of the Twelve Apostles appointed by Jesus to lead his Church. Various prayer cards for sale. Please click on one below to purchase.

Our Lady of the Assumption statue

New statue based on the one at Aylesford Priory. Specially commissioned by the Carmelites.

Saint Jude statue - 2.5 inches

2.5 inches, on a wooden plinth & is based on the statue by Adam Kossowski

Saint Jude keyring - new

with image of Saint Jude based on the statue by Adam Kossowski

A Heart of Fire

A short booklet on the life and witness of Blessed Titus Brandsma, Carmelite Martyr. 54 pages.

Pack of Saint Elijah cards

Five blank cards with envelopes. The picture is of the stained glass window of Saint Elijah in the Shrine. The prophet Elijah (Elias in Latin) appears in Scriptures (the Books of the Kings) as a man of God who lived always in God's presence and fought zealously for the worship of the one true God.

Prayer card to Saint Joseph Cupertino

This is a beautiful prayer card printed in the early days of the Shrine.