A History of the Church Vol 3

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The revolt against the Church: Aquinas to Luther. Second hand Paperback.
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    This volume covers one of the most critical - and one of the most interesting - periods in the history of the Church. It is, from the beginning, a period of revolt - the revolts of thinkers and 'mystics', of princes and kings, of bishops and monks, of capitalist bourgeois and proletarian workers. It is the story of the Templars, of the 'Avignon captivity' and the Great Schism of the West, of the councils of Pisa and Contance and Basel, of the Renaissance and the rise of the Ottoman Turks. It is the story, too, of philosophers (Duns Scotus and Ockham), theologians (Gerson, Nicolas of Cusa, and Cajetan)m and humanists (More, Machiavelli, and Erasmus). Popes of the period include Boniface VIII, 'Benedict XIII', Nicholas V, and Pius II, as well as the notorious Borgia, della Rovere, and Medici pontiffs. And, in these 250 years which culminated in the Reformation, come Wicklif, John Hus, and Martin Luther - and Catherine of Sienna, Vincent Ferrer, and Antonius of Florence.