A Pocket Guide to Sects and New Religions

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A Pocket Guide to Sects and New Religions. Second hand book.
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    In recent years, there has been a rapid growth in the western world of sects, new religions and alternative spiritualities. Amidst the profusion, people are looking for straightforward information about the emerging groups. Where do they come from? What do they believe? In A Pocket Guide to Sects & New Religions, Nigel Scotland presents expert snapshots of over forty of the major groups. These include: 

    • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons)
    • The Church of Scientology
    • Falun Gong
    • The Family (Children of God)
    • The Unification Church
    • The Jehovah's Witnesses
    • The Satya Sai Baba Society
    • UFO Religions
    • Pagan Groups.

    Anyone seeking up-to-date, accurate information will find this Pocket Guide invaluable.