A Portrait of Teresa of Avila from Her Letters (Carmelite Biographies)

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Saint Teresa of Avila continues to fascinate and inspire people around the world, even 500 years after her birth. The books of this Spanish Carmelite nun are widely acknowledged as classics of the Christian mystical tradition.
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    However, Teresa also wrote hundreds of letters, which gave us an immediate impression of her passion, humanity, temperment, humour, determination, and her closeness to God. Teresa's style of writing is direct and immediate. By expressing her joys and sorrows, Teresa helps us to see that being human is to be flawed and fallible, but this does not preclude us from pursuing, and in some measure attaining, the way of perfection. In this insightful and engaging book, Grimwood explores Teresa's correspondence to help us appreciate the Carmelite reformer and innovator as a real woman with important things to say to our age as well as her own. 

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