A Study of Wisdom

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Three tracts by the author of The Cloud of Unknowing. Second hand paperback book in good condition.
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    While The Cloud of Unknowing is specifically concerned with prayer, these three tracts by the same author discuss the conditions necessary for it. 'Benjamin' traces the origin of the virtues which lead to contemplation; 'The Discernment of Stirrings', advises a young enquirer on the right use of these virtues; and 'The Discerning of Spirits', distinguishes between outer and inner evil and advises what is necessary for the overcoming of both.

    These tracts are not written for the absolute beginner; they assume too much and presuppose a certain experience on the part of the reader. However, with their warm humanity, penetrating realism, and high doctrine of the unique vocation of every single soul, they give any reader the sense of having found a friend among the masters of the spiritual life.