Abodes of God, The Church, Our Lady

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Talks on the the Church and Our Lady being 'dwelling places of God'.
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    This book consists of two talks given by Father Voillaume on The Church and Our Lady as "Dwelling places of God." Why did Christ institute the Chucrh, and not leave us, without formal organisation, to follow His teaching gospel as individuals? The Church is His Body, it continues contuues the physical presence of Christ on earth, it forgives as He forgave, teaches as He taught, governs the fauithful as He governed the disciples.

    The talk on Our Lady throws new and striking light on her mission; she is one of the saints who worked no miracle; she lived in faith from day to day, simply and ordinarily, but completely fulfillingthe will of God for her, which was to be His mother, with all that implied in human suffering for her.

    This is an illuminating and deeply moving book, simple in its approach and profound in its understanding.