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    Many thousands of individuals have been involved with the Shrine of Saint Jude since its foundation: from friars and staff, past and present, to supporters of Saint Jude and the Carmelite Order, to the people of Faversham – all of whom have come here with an abundance of experiences, memories and hope. In recognition of all those many people, we have created the ‘Footprints of Hope’: an exciting opportunity to preserve and echo the memories of those who have made Whitefriars, the Shrine and Faversham what it is today: a place for all, a place of hope. We now want to honour those deceased friars and volunteers who have in the past worked tirelessly for the Shrine. Past ambassadors of the Shrine. We have chosen seventeen names – various friars, artists and volunteers. Can you help by sponsoring one of these ‘footprints of hope’?

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