Bible Stories - Vintage Book

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Hardback - no cover, 1968 edition
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    Over 90 stories from the Bible, vividly retold by David Kossoff. David Kossoff first starting retelling Bible stories for BBC radio in the early sixties. He was so popular that he was given his own television series, made records and public performances, and even had one of his pieces set to music and premiered at the Festival Hall. In this collection of tales from the Old Testament, ranging from Adam and Eve to Daniel, he sets vivid scenes and brings characters to life with simplicity and imagination, reaching every time to the very heart of the story. 'There is no more difficult task than to make the old new and the familiar interesting...This is the reason why I have read with such pleasure and delight David Kossoff's stories from the Bible. To my mind there is no doubt at all that he makes these stories come alive. He has the gift of making old stories new for he is a born story teller.' From the Foreword by William Barclay