Biographical Register of Carmelites in England and Wales 1240 - 1540

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Writing in 1536, at the start of the English Reformation, the former Carmelite friar John Bale spoke admiringly of the early members of that religious order: 'The sons of Elijah were poor hermits of small repute among men, humble, retiring...They were endowed with the Holy Spirit of fervent devotion, occupied in contemplation of God... from among them came many who were wise and learned men'. Bale went on to accuse his contemporary Carmelites of declining zeal: 'They came to the notice of princes, put on airs and graces...rewarded with honors and titles, enriched with gifts... ambitious, proud and acquisitive'.
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    The highs and lows of the Carmelite Order in medieval England and Wales have been captured in this biographical register by eminent historian Richard Copsey. The fruit of decades of scholarly research, the register compiles the known details of nearly 5,000 Carmelite men (and a handful of women) from the Order's arrival in England until its suppression at the Dissolution of the Monasteries. By scouring hundreds of historical sources, Copsey's register casts light on medieval Carmelite friars who were saints, bishops, confessors to Royalty, academics, men of prayer, scientists, diplomats, musicians, preachers, poets, and even a handful of thieves, heretics, and murderers.

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