Blessed are those who have questions

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Reflections on Christian life and morality, sin and mercy and other mysteries. Second hand paperback.
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    We are accustomed to discussions in which answers have all the importance. The arguments prepare them, prove them and confirm them. How can the emphasis be shifted to questions? It cannot be a mere logical shift; it must be a change in the participants themselves.  They must direct their attention to questions and ask: "Are they the right questions?" This may look deceptively easy in theory, in practice it may take a long time to achieve it. It goes against a deeply ingrained habit. Few answers in this world are final. Even when truth is revealed to us by God, our mind cannot grasp it totally. We shall allways progress in understanding it; not in the sense that we should ever come to its denial but in the sense of penetrating it mopre deeply; discovering its connection with other points of faith, and becoming aware of its practical implications. The main purpose of this book is not to burden the reader with answers, (although it does contain answers) but to invite him to raise questions.