Blueprint for Worship - vintage book

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An interpretation of the Liturgical Constitution of Vatican II. Second hand paperback book. 1962 edition.
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    The liturgy is no longer a subject for the specialist. The Second Vatican Council has decided to reform the Mass, both in its language and to some extent in its structure . It is now essential for every informed Catholic to have at the least a bird's eye view of its history and the present imminent changes. Mr Sheppard, himself a specialist, has written such an account. It amounts to a very carefully selected digest of a vast number of specialist works, rewritten so that all is perfectly clear. We see what happened in the beginning of the Church's life, how her worship developed, why we now need radical changes, what is the driving force and purpose of these changes. It is a book for the times, brief and to the point, full of information, but a pleasure to read.