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Climbing the Mountain (2nd edition)

The Carmelite Journey: Second Edition, second printing

Cloistered Carmel

Father Joachim Smet, author of The Carmelites, the prestigious four volume history of the Carmelite Order, now presents in a more popular form the story of what many consider to be its heart: the enclosed nuns.

Clothed with Breastplate of Justice

Letter from Prior General Fernando Millan Romeral to the Carmelite Family on the Occasion of the Canonization of Blessed Nuño de Santa Maria Alvares Pereira on 25th March 2009, the Annunciation of the Lord.

Essays on Titus Brandsma

Among the forgotten thousands of Christians who suffered and died in Nazi concentration camps during WWII, the Carmelite Friar Titus Brandsma stands out as an example of men and women of all faiths - and of no faith.