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A Heart on Fire

A short booklet on the life and witness of Blessed Titus Brandsma, Carmelite Martyr. 54 pages.

In Quietness and Confidence - Booklet

In Quietness and Confidence was originally published under the title A White Candle. It is Mary's third booklet, published in 1991, and contains "thought's and prayers for those who's candle is still burning".

Living a day at a time - Booklet

This 24 page booklet contains quotations and prayers for those who face illness or anxiety and can only do so by 'living a day at a time'.

Thoughts on Life to come - Booklet

Thoughts on Life To Come was Mary Oakley's first book. Written in 1981, it offered her the chance to share with others who are bereaved some of the verses and quotations that helped her after her husband's death.

Shrine of Saint Jude prayer book (paperback)

Welcome from Fr Kevin Alban, Prior Provincial; Introduction to Saint Jude; Introduction to the Shrine; Many prayers to Saint Jude; common Catholic prayers; Carmelite prayers

Biographical Register of Carmelites in England and Wales 1240 - 1540

Writing in 1536, at the start of the English Reformation, the former Carmelite friar John Bale spoke admiringly of the early members of that religious order: 'The sons of Elijah were poor hermits of small repute among men, humble, retiring...They were endowed with the Holy Spirit of fervent devotion, occupied in contemplation of God... from among them came many who were wise and learned men'. Bale went on to accuse his contemporary Carmelites of declining zeal: 'They came to the notice of princes, put on airs and graces...rewarded with honors and titles, enriched with gifts... ambitious, proud and acquisitive'.