Build with the Lord - vintage book

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Pastoral advice for prayer groups in the charismatic renewal. Second hand paperback in good condition.
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    What are the signs of a healthy prayer group? The charismatic renewal has given rise to thousands of prayer groups throughout the world. Some wither and die. Some become effective forces for personal and church renewal... Why? Build with the Lord focuses on five factors that determine a prayer group's health; a responsible team of leaders, an effective prayer meeting, a way to care for new people, basic Christian teaching, and loving relationships among prayer group members. Bert Ghezzi, a respected leader in the charismatic renewal, lucidly describes how prayer group can combine God's guidance with hard work to develop these five elements. Build with the Lord presents wisdom about building prayer groups that the leaders of the charismatic renewal have accumulated through nearly a decade of pastoral experience. Bert Ghezzi editor of New Covenant magazine, has overseen the development of several prayer groups since 1967 and has spoken and written extensively about the problems of prayer group leadership. He is a coordinator of The Word of God, an ecumenical Christian community in Ann Arbor, Michigan.