Captive Flames

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A biblical reading of the Carmelite Saints. Second hand paperback book.
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    In 'Captive Flames' James McCaffrey presents a compelling argument for the relevance of Carmelite spirituality and its scriptural basis. Focusing on five key figures he shows us how Carmelite spirituality, based on experience not theory, can lead to a fuller understanding of God's love for all. In the works of Teresa of Avila we are shown the importance of prayer as friendship; in John of the Cross how we are led as God's people from selfishness to joy; in Elizabeth of The Trinity, the significance of a triune God as shown in St John's Gospel; in Edith Stein, the importance of the Old Testament for an understanding of the New; finally, through the person of Thérèse of Lisieux we are encouraged to come to God with confidence and love.

    'Captive Flames', with its thought-provoking account of the influence of Mary, Mother of Carmel, on these five outstanding saints, offers essential insights and fresh observations for both the Carmelite scholar and the lay-reader alike.