Cloistered Carmel

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Father Joachim Smet, author of The Carmelites, the prestigious four volume history of the Carmelite Order, now presents in a more popular form the story of what many consider to be its heart: the enclosed nuns.
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    Cloistered Carmel chronicles the origins and development of this particular expression of the Order's contemplative charism: its subsequent history through its golden era in the 17th century, its persecution by enlightened monarchs and liberal governments, and finally its revival in the second half of the present century.

    The presence of women in Carmel is practically coeval with that of men, but initially less evident: in the Middle Ages woemn took the same vows as the friars but lived privately in their own homes. Only after Nicolas V granted them papal recognition in 1452 did Carmleite Sisters regularly gather, BI John Soreth (1394-1471). Today Cloistered Carmel takes its rightful place as the heart of the Order and in the church.

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