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Max Thurian Brother of Taizé. Second hand paperback book in good condition 1985 edition.
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    The Taizé community, which, when it began, was by many Protestants regarded as a daring and dangerous experiment, had become known and honoured throughout the Christian world. From the start it was a community of reconciliation, a group of Reformed pastors and others seeking to bridge the great gulf between Protestants and Catholics by a reaffirmation of authentic Christian praxis. This included  the rediscovery of certain Catholic elements in Protestantism, which the Reformers did not, as may be supposed abandon, but criticized and restated, though in the long centuries of seperation and hostility, they may have been lost. One is the centrality of the Eucharist; another, the practice of Confession. In this book, brother Max Thurian, a leading theologican of Taizé, gives a precise account of the Protestant critique of the sacrament of Penance, and shows how Luther and Calvin, in heir different ways, attacked its scholastic formalism and quasi-magic. But the former exulted in its joyous and deliberating discipline, the living out of Baptism, and the latter saw it as a proper and beneficent adjunct to preaching and spiritual counsel, 'a useful aid to those who need it', and have the faith, though small as a grain of mustard seed, to receive absolution through the merits of Christ. Thurian then gives a history of the pratcice and shows that it is part of any vital belief in the communion of saints.