Father Stanton's Sermon Outlines - vintage book

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From his own manuscript. Second series. Hardback book with no cover. Names written on first page. 1922 edition.
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    These Sermon Outlines, like those of the first series, are printed verbatim from Father Stanton's own manuscript. They represent the notes that he prepared before preaching, though he never took them with him to the pulpit. Six qutaro volumes of the earliest is dated to 1894. They contain the notes of about one thousand sermons. It is remarkable that from first to last there are almost no erasures or corrections. Here and there the writing, evidently very hurried, is difficult to decipher, and a few passages are very puzzling. These obscurities are printed just as Father Stanton left them, without any attempt to unravel them. There is nothing in this volume which is not his.