Footprints of Hope

Sponsor a brick today. Make your mark and remember your friends and loved ones. You can add your chosen name for just £30, per brick. You can add either one or two bricks below - if you want to donate for more than two bricks, please add below to the cart first - and then revisit and add another one/two more each time. Your brick will be laid into our special path of hope as a lasting legacy, and your donation will support current and future projects for years to come.
The price must be from £30.00 to £5,000.00
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    Many thousands of individuals have been involved with the Shrine of Saint Jude since its foundation: from friars and staff, past and present, to supporters of Saint Jude and the Carmelite Order, to the people of Faversham – all of whom have come here with an abundance of experiences, memories and hope. In recognition of everyone, we have created the Footprints of Hope: an exciting opportunity to preserve and echo the memories of those who have made Whitefriars, the Shrine and Faversham what it is today: a place for all, a place of hope. As part of the Footprints of Hope project, you will have the opportunity to have a name engraved on a brick which will be set on a new path from the Whitefriars Contemplative Gardens to the Garden of Hope (opened in 2021). 
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