...from Granny with Love

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A book for young people about Confession and first Holy Communion. Second hand hardback book in good condition.
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    Nicole Hall's From Granny with love series is just what it says it is; a loving series of letters written to her grandchildren, giving them the story of her Faith. It is a highly personal account of the Catholic faith that she loved from her earliest childhood and to which she was faithful throughout her life. 'As I had the great fortune to be educated at a time in the Church's history, when the Faith was strong, it would also seem right to pass on what was so well passed on to me, and to try to contribute, if possible, to the Faith of future generations.' From Granny with love is a comprehensive guide to Confession and Holy Communion written in an accessible, conversational style. It includes explanations of langauge and illustrates the doctrinal topics with a variety of real life stories from the Catholic world that she loved, as well as from the lives of the saints.