Growing Into Union

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Proposals for forming a united Church in England. Second hand paperback book with slight damage to cover.
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    The great debate on the 1968 scheme for Anglican-Methodist unity was between antagonist alike passionately concerned for genuine progress towards one visible Church. The failure of the Scheme to secure the required majority on the Church of England side means that many are looking, hopefully or sceptically, at the possibility of a new way forward. Four Anglicans – two Catholic and two Evangelical – who from contrasting standpoints had found the Scheme defective have risen to the challenge to produce a workable alternative. Growing into Union puts forward in outline a complete plan for forming a united Church on a multidenominational basis – with uniting Anglican and Methodist congregations in many instances forming the nucleus – and with a fully integrated ministry. It starts with theology, and its doctrine and practical proposals are all of a piece. The authors commend their proposals as obedience to God’s truth in our situation. They believe that the theological agreements they have reached and expressed here have a value of their own for the future, over and above their significance for particular union proposals.