Il Vescovo Emerito

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Congregazione per I vescovi. Second hand Italian paperback book in good condition.
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    Pastoral and practical notes on the figure of the Bishop who ceases his office. The termination of the office of Bishop, often due to reaching the age limit or for health reasons, does not exhaust the pastoral duties of those who have exercised, often for many years, the main leadership figure of a Diocese. The title of "Bishop Emeritus" therefore becomes something much more important than the simple indication of "former" Bishop.

    Already in the Directory for the Pastoral Ministry of Bishops "Apostolorum Successores" of 2004 the Congregation for Bishops had taken care of defining the rights and duties with respect to the Universal Church and the particular Church of the Bishop Emeritus.
    In particular, the commitment that the Bishops Emeritus can assume in supra-diocesan bodies and in the Episcopal Conference is highlighted, just as the fraternal relationships between the diocesan Bishop and the Bishop Emeritus are important.