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Aylesford is a beautiful priory with many beautiful images..
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    In partnership with Adrian Gilbert Scott, Fr Malachy conceived the idea of the open-air Shrine and he gathered craftsmen and artists to help him. Work began on building the Shrine in 1958. Outstanding among the artists were Adam Kossowski, who made the ceramics, and Philip Lindsey Clark and his son Michael Clark, both sculptors. Fr Malachy described The Friars as "a prayer in stone". In the presence of Cardinal Heenan, Archbishop Cyril Cowderoy rededicated the Shrine in 1965 and it now serves as a centre of prayer for all Christians in Kent and a place of peace for those who search for meaning in their lives. Adrian Gilbert Scott, the architect of the Shrine, was a member of the family who have been described as "the family who built Gothic Britain". His older, more famous brother was Giles Gilbert Scott who built the Anglican Liverpool Cathedral, Battersea Power Station, what is now known as the Tate Modern Gallery, and countless churches. Their father was George Gilbert Scott Jr. who built the Catholic Norwich Cathedral. His father, the most famous member of the family and who founded the dynasty of architects was, Sir George Gilbert Scott. He was responsible for St. Pancras Train Station, the Albert Memorial and the Foreign Office; his other works included several workhouses and many churches. The Friars has been described as having one of the best collections of religious modern art in England with its sculptures, paintings, stained glass and ceramics. The restoration, followed by the building of the Shrine, began in the early 1950’s when people were captivated after the distraction of the war years. The first Prior, Fr. Malachy Lynch was a charismatic figure who inspired people with the words "Courage to Build Anew".

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