In a Great Tradition

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Tribute to Dame Laurentia McLachlan, Abbess of Stanbrook. Only 1 copy. 505 pages; published 1956
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    To those who think of monastic life only in terms of high walls and double grilles, the life, influence and friendships of Dame Laurentia McLachlan, Abbess of Stanbrook, may seem something of an enigma. Although at her death in 1953 seventy of her eight-seven years had been spent within the stictly enclosed convent in Worcestershire, she was a person 'without frontiers', and in Bernard Shaw's words 'an enclosed nun with an unenclosed mind.' Her friends were princes of the church and dignitaries of the Church of England; Catholic scholars; and openly agnostic men and women; poets and so many more. A wonderful biography. Only 1 copy. 505 pages; published 1956

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