In the end, God - vintage book

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A Study of the Christian Doctrine of the Last Things. Hardback book, no dust cover.
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    Eschatology is the explication of what must be true of the end, both of history and of the individual, if God is to be the God of the biblical faith. All eschatological statements can finally be reduced to, and their validity tested by, sentences beginning: 'In the end, God . . .'" - J. A. T. ROBINSON The God revealed in Israel's story is the Lord of history - a God with good purposes for his creation and capable of bringing those purposes to pass. All biblical eschatology arises from this fundamental theological insight. John Robinson explores biblical eschatology with an eye both to the text and to contemporary culture. Revealing the foundation of eschatology to be the experience of God by the community of faith, he calls readers to embrace the eschatological vision of the Bible, while being alert to its mythic character. Robinson lays bare his own theology of universal salvation.