Learning To Pray

A CTS Booklet for Boys and Girls
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    Lord, Teach us to Pray

    Prayer is the most important thing in our life after Holy Mass and the Sacraments. And these will not do for you what our Lord wants them to do unless you prepare your heart for his graces by praying well. Why do so many people grow up, going to the Sacraments regularly, and yet never really becoming holy and close to our Lord? The reason is that they never have learned to pray. Also, a time may come when you cannnot get to Mass or the Sacraments at all: but you can always pray; no one can steal away one's prayer. The purpose of our life is to know and love our Lord, and to copy him; to be close to him that comes back to this world once more in us, and through us continues his work of saving souls. Nothing else matters in life but the friendship of Christ; this is the treasure above gold or silver or worldly success and pleasures, the one thing worth while for you and me, that no one can take away: to love our Lord. AND PRAYERS IS THE WAY TO LOVE HIM.