Listen Pilgrim

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Vintage Classic
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    Christopher Jones is one of the extraordinary breed of men who, without cant, live Christ's admonition to love your neighbour. He recognises Christ in junkies and gaolbirds, and is 'not call a harlot standing on a dark and littered corner a Madonna'. He goes to the 'poor poor' in sordid tenements, bus station, hospitals, prisons and hostels, and gives all the help he can. 'You', he writes, 'you, whoever you are, you are my brother, you are my God, and I love you. And that is what this book is all about.' It is a disturbing, sometimes brutal, prose poem. You could be turned away by so radical a Christianity. You could be inspired to go and live as Mr Jones does. But if there is anything of the pilgrim in you you will have to listen. Christpher Jones' words are prayers of life - prayers of real life, in all its suffering and pain, its dirt and glory. 'You and I walk this road ... Pilgrim, love without limit.'