Mary Mother of God

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    Since her first mention in the Bible, Mary the MOther of God has been at the heart of the Christian story and Christian tradition.

    Chris O'Donnell takes 40 key references to Mary, from the gospels, to the writings of Christan mystics, to Byzantine liturgy, and to the documents of Vatrican II, and reflects on the wide range of ideas and presentations of Mary which are available to all of us. 

    From the familiar devotions Hail Mary, the Angelus, and the Rosary, to not so well known references in Vatican documents and the Code of Canon Law, the author provides a range of texts and reflections on the meaning and role of the Mother of God, both in the gospel stories and in our everyday lives. 

    The position of Mary in the Protestant tradition, and in the Byzantine tradition is also reflected upon this collection. 

    Even for those who feel they are familiar with Mary, this book is a treasure chest of new insight and understanding.