Mary, Mother of the Redemption - Vintage

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By Edward Schillebeeckx OP The Religious bases of the mystery of Mary. Image may vary. Classic book.
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    "Why did God choose Mary?" A meditation on the tension between mysteries and the doctrines of Mariology. Devotion to the Mother of Christ, the most sublime of all human beings is often beset by confusion, mischaracterisations, and misunderstandings. Schillebeeckx sought clarity and balance by charting a middle course, avoiding the sentimental exaggerations of Marian devotion as well as the extreme rationalisations that threaten the role of prayer. Schillebeeckx is always careful to situate Mariology within a broader, essential Christology. Mary is defined as both the "first fruit" of the Redemption and, in turn, the Mother of all redeemed mankind. The book consists of: Introduction. Part I: Mary, Christ's Most Beautiful Creation: God's Call to Us in Her, 1. The Scriptural Image of the Mother of Jesus, 2. Mary's Place in the History of Redemption, 3. The Divine Reason for Mary's Place in the Plan of Salvation. Part II: Our Vital Response to Mary Our Mother, 4. The Veneration of Mary, 5. Conclusion: Our Life, Our Sweetness and Our Hope. Translated by N.D. Smith from the third revised Dutch edition. 

    The book is a vintage one and is slightly damaged, but othewise a classic of all time.