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A companion to the Divine Office. Paperback 1983 edition.
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    The sub title of this volume 'A companion to the Divine Office' indicates in a general way the contents of the Work. Unless one is well versed in the development of the doctrines of the Church through the Fathers of the Church and later Theologians and Mystical Writers, many of the names appearing in the Second Readings remain just that - names. This small volume is an attempt to bring these names to life, to create a desire to learn more about them and about our Christian Heritage. It could also be of assistance to the busy Parish Priest in providing sources from which themes may be drawn for the Sunday Homily. The reflections from the Readings could be used as guidelines for meditation according to the mind of the Church in the major seasons of the year.. Sister Mary Philippa has been reading the Divine Office as a Franciscan Missionary of the Divine Motherhood fo rover thirty years. On leave from a life of teaching which has taken her to Nigeria, Singapore, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, she recently spent a year in the Irish Institute of Pastoral Liturgy in Carlow, Ireland, which gave her the oppportunity for research before returning to Nigeria.