My Father took me to the Circus

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Religious life from within. Paperback 1984 edition.
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    When Sister Prue Wilson was small her father took her to a vast religious service in a huge marquee. She hated it, and left in floods of tears. A few days later, her father took her to a circus. 'There was a panic at the sight of another vast tent, and the dreadful distant sounds of a band. I yelled and kicked, saying that I did not want to go to church. Then a sense of complete trust swept over me as he picked me up in his arms and said it was all right. It was not church, but a circus and I would like it. The ecstasy that followed remains profoundly of God, who was and is my Father and a circus. He is always the one who carries me to a joy I never knew existed.' This is the story of one women's experience as a religious, and also of the hurricane of change which swept through th Roman Catholic Church following Vatican II. Antonia White's Frost in May was based on life within a house of the Society of the Sacred Heart during the early years of this century. Prue Wilson now gives a very different picture with a lovely account of her own forty years as as member of the Society, during which there was a change from contented conservatism to radical reappraisal and reform. Her experience of the evolution of the religious life from within is based on her conviction that religious life will die unless it chooses to risk losing its life for the sake of the Kingdom of God. She is convinced that it belongs in a special way to women religious to choose a way of holiness that is liberating, human, obediant to the Holy Spirit and affirms all fellow Christians in the greatness of their baptism calling.