Preparing to be Confirmed

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A programme of preparation for the sacrament of confirmation. Second hand paperback book in very good condition.
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    The Sacrament of Comfirmation confirms and strengthens what happens in Baptism - when we are marked of Christ, when we are called to become like Him and to do his work. Most of our teenagers were baptised as infants; it was their parents and godparents who spoke on their behalf. How important it is for our young people to be prepared well to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation - so that they can declare themselves what they believe. Preparing to be Confirmed is based on Scripture and draws on the life experiences of the candidates - linking the two and helping the young people to deepen their relationship with Christ through conversation and prayer. It challenges them to think about being followers of Christ - and the difference that makes in the choices in their lives. The programme provides the kind of easy, practical and prayerful guidance that catechists need for their work and its appeals to the young people.