Renewal & the Power of Darkness

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Second hand paperback book, some wear and tear on front cover.
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    This is a controversial book. We know evil exists - we see it all around us, and the twentieth century has brought before our eyes examples of human behaviour for which no other word will do. But we don't really know how to speak of it, or even what it is. Should we still speak of the devil? Cardinal Suenens says 'yes' but he is worried about the 'yes' which the Renewal and Charismatic movements sometimes give, bringing in their own brands of exorcisms and weapons against the devil. He puts forward a fresh exposition of the Church's own traditional attitude to evil, and indicates the way in which he believes all exorcism, all ministries of deliverance, and all direct action against demonic spirits should be directly under the authoritative control of the Church. They should also be in harmony with the Church's paschal theology and with psychology and other disciplines. And there is need he thinks for a greater awareness of the higher power of the spirits for good as well as evil: 'It would be highly desirable for the teaching given in the Renewal to lay stress on the luminous presence of the angels, both out of a concern for truth and in order to balance the too unilateral and empathic statements that are sometimes made about the Power of Darkness.' Cardinal Leon-Joseph Suenens is formerly Archbishhop of Brussels-Malines.