Vintage book - Revelation In Christ

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Revelation In Christ. Some wear and tear to dust jacket.
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    The author writes: 'The foundation of Christian theology as well as all other forms of the spiritual life of Christians, is the conviction that God has revealed himself to man'. That critical method of reading the Bible, fruitful as it has been, has left many Christians uncertain about the basis of their faith. Moreover, very few Christians are certain of what is implied by the new nonfundamentalist view of revelation: that Jesus Christ is himself the Word of God and that he cannot yeild this position to anything else, even the Bible. Mr Nicholls sets out to explore the implications of this, first expounding the faith of the Church and then relating revelation and its correlative, the knowledge of God, to human thought and culture and to the difficulties of contemporary people in believing. The book is chiefly intended for newcomers to the study of theology, but will be of interest to all who are concerned about the mission of the Church.