Saint Anne Prayer Booklet

The God graced one. Patron of Grandmothers, mothers, housewives, housekeepers and women in labour.
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    Saint Anne, whose  name derives from the Hebrew, Hannah, meaning "Grace", was born in Bethlehem and became the wife of Saint Joachim, a shepherd from Nazareth in Galilee. They were both of the Royal house of David and their lives were wholly occupied in prayer and good works, but they were childless. This was considered a cruel misfortune among the Jews and Joachim is said to have fasted in the desert, in order to plead with God for a child. After a time of fasting an angel appeared, assuring him that he and Anne would be given a child, whom they would name Mary and dedicate to God. When Mary was born she was truly regarded as a child of God and cherished. However, as Anne had vowed her daughter to God when old enough she gave her back when Mary was three years old. Anne and Joachim led her up the temple steps and saw her pass by herself into the inner sanctuary, where she spent much of her childhood. When Mary was fourteen, they betrothed her to Joseph of Nazareth and Mary's story continues with the birth of Jesus. In 550 AD a church was built in honour of Saint Anne in Jerusalem, near where she lived with Joachim and Mary.