Saint Anthony of Padua prayer booklet

Wonder worker
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    Saint Anthony was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1195 and lived for a long time in the Italian city of Padua. He wanted to be poor even though he was born into a rich family, so he joined the Franciscans and was sent as a missionary, preaching in Italy and France. He was an extraordinary preacher and brought many sinners back to God. Even whilst alive striking miracles were attributed to him and he was one day observed with the Infant Jesus in his arms. Because of this he is called the "wonder worker" and is a powerful advocate in difficulties. He is known as a restorer of lost faith and a healer of body and mind. He has a reputation for finding lost things and missing persons and we pray that he restores peace of mind which can affect us more than material loss and that we remain in possession of the truth that is God, and that we do not lose this, our greatest treasure.

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