Saint Mark - The Pelican New Testament Commentaries

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Second hand paperback in good condition 1983 edition.
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    Former commentaries have usually been of two kinds - either abstruse and academic, or over-simplified and out-of-date. These new paragraph-by-paragraph commentaries have been written by modern scholars who are in touch with contemporary Biblical theology and also with the needs of the average layman. They interpret the words of the New Testament for the twentieth century, in the light of the latest archaeological, historical and linguistic research. Dr Nineham, the General Editor of the Pelican New Testament Commentaries, is a distinguished Bible theologian, and former Warden of Keble College, Oxford. The Gospel on which he writes is generally acknowledged as the one which comes nearest to the events described. Although it is the least cultured and grammatical of the four, St Mark's talent for writing narrative is indisputable. His Gospel, written around the Church's preaching, envinces his desire to witness to Christ as the Messiah.

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