Saint Paul and his epistles - A New Introduction

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    'If you know anyone who wants to begin the study of Paul from scratch, this is the ideal book' Professor A.T. Hanson. Here is Paul the man, writing letters off the top of his head. Doctrine arises as he has to solve problems, the problems of communities and persons. His own commitment, his own sense of worship and prayer arise naturally in the course of replying to queries or dealing with scandals. Many people think of St Paul's Espistles as difficult and unsympathetic documents which twist Jesus's simple message of love into a cruel and complicated religion. But this introduction gives us the living man, and the picture springs directly from the text. Hubert Richards draws on his own knowledge and scholarship to present a human view, the true view of the Apostle's writing and theology without either romanticism or over-simplifying. This book is for anybody beginning the study of Paul, but it also contains some new insights for those who are already familiar or perhaps even over-familiar with the famous letters. hubert Richards is a senior lecturer in Religious Studies at Keswick Hall College of Education, Norwich. He is the author of God Speaks to Us, The First Christmas, The First Easter, The Miracles of Jesus,  and Death and After.