Stories for the Junior Assembly

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Second hand paperback 1975 edition.
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    This is a book of true stories for use in the morning assembly, or at any other time when stories are appropriate - such as for illustrating a talk or filling a gap in the time-table. They are arranged in order of length, beginning with the very short anecdotes and increasing till the time required for reading is several minutes. They are taken from the past and from the present day, and range over the whole world. But they have one thing in common. They all deal with character, the basic cement of society. Some people today, under the pretext of being modern, are chipping away at that cement; they would suffer as much as anyone if our civilisation were to collaspe for lack of it. Heroic qualities are not any the less needed because they are derided as old-fashioned; indeed, the true 'avant garde' are those who have discovered, in a twentieth-century setting, the thrill of 'giving all for something great'.