The Bible in the Age of Science

By the theologian, Alan Richardson
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    'Professsor Alan Richardson is a theologian whose praise is (or deserves to be) in all the churches, on account both of the books which he has written himself and of those which he has edited', said a recent Editoral in the review Theology. Dr Richardson, professor of Christian Theology in the University of Nottingham, has written this latest book to give a Christian assessment of the rise of modern science, and to show how Christians, in the 19th century inclined to panic in the warfare of 'science and religion', have in the 20th century been led to a far better understanding of the nature of their faith. A theological revolution, based on a return to the Bible, has accompanied, and has creatively responded to, the massive scientific revolution itself. Unfortunately it is too little appreciated by the general public. Now Dr Richardson, without 'talking down', has supplied an account of the key men and movements. His lucid description and analysis will be appreciated both within and far beyond the circle of his fellow-theologians.