The Christ of the Ignatian Exercises - Vol IV

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Jesus of Nazareth yesterday and today Vol IV - 1987 edition second hand paperback
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    This volume is the fourth in the acclaimed series Jesus of Nazareth Yesterday and Today. Segundo's aim throughout these volumes (Faith and Ideologies; The Historical Jesus of the Synoptics; The Humanist Christology of Paul) has been to return Jesus to the ordinary person by rescuing him from layer upon layer of theological and exegetical hypotheses. Here, Segundo explores one particular christology: that embedded in the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola. The question may arise: What is the point of trying to bridge the twenty-century gap between the present and the New Testament through this intermediary, a work of the sixteenth century? Segundo replies that to discover Jesus for ourselves it is important to analyze a christology, such as St. Ignatius's, that has been and continues to be incarnated in the very lives of Christians. JUAN LUIS SEGUNDO completed his theological studies at Louvain and received his Doctorate of Letters trom the Sorbonne. Presently chaplain to various groups in his native Uruguay, he has taught at Harvard and universities in Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Birmingham, and São Paulo.