The Christian Existentialist

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The philosophy and theology of self-fulfilment in modern society. Hardback second hand book
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    Bernard Haring was one of the formulators of the Second Vatican Council and that is causing so much ferment in Roman Catholic circles today. Always deeply concerned with human beings and human values, he considers in this book modern man's need to assert his primacy as a person in revolt against an increasingly impersonal and manipulative society. Father Haring, in the spirit of Teilhard de Chardin, is concerned with a passionate love for the universe. His writing is rich with his own great faith in humanity, tempered by personal knowledge of the horrors of the twentieth century. It is inspirational in the true, redemptive sense of the word. This volume is a collection of the lectures given at New York University by Father Harding under the auspices of the Deems Lectureship in Philosophy.