The Christian Response

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Second hand paperback book, 1966 edition with some loose pages.
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    This book was wriiten as a response to a strictly modern need. It is an attempt to renew and reaffirm endangered spiritual values. It is an outline of nothing less than a Christian attitude and the full Christian life. But The Christian Response is not merely a manual, a listing of virtuous advice. By the author's own admission, it is not to be taken as a complete guide to anything. Instead, it is intended as a series of practical contemporary meditations. Perhaps the most refreshing thing about Father Quoist's book (as readers of his Prayers of Life will know) is his acknowledgment of the importance of mna's life in the world. His Christian is a human being, flesh and blood, living in, working in, enjoying the world. Men must suffer and struggle for a just world through political and social involvement. This book constantly underlines man's essential unity; each and all his aspects must be satisfied in proper order. He must live fully, totally in the world and in Christ.