The Evolution of the European Union and the Responsibility of Catholics

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    Will the Christian heritage of our continent continue to permeate European construction? Can a theological reflection on key moments in recent European history throw light on this question? What moral obligations arise from the Christian heritage for Catholics in the European Union, indeed for dialogue among themselves, and also with other European citizens and with the institutions of the European Union? What is the impact of the political unification of Europe? This document addresses these questions. Its publication by the bishop members of COMECE comes at a crucial moment for the Catholic Church, as well as for the European Union. However, this is not the only reason for this text, entitled “The Evolution of the European Union and the Responsibility of Catholics”, a text, which is in itself, something of a new departure. This document does not dwell on a specific aspect of European politics to which the bishops of COMECE wish to respond, such as has been the case on other occasions. Nor does it focus upon an interpretation or an evaluation of the evolution of the European Union from an doctrinal perspective. It is more an effort from a particularly Christian perspective to offer an understanding of the European construction which has marked decisively and enduringly the political evolution of our continent for more than five decades.