The Faith that does Justice

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Examining the Christian sources for social change. Second hand paperback 1977 edition. Woodstock studies. Occasional papers from the Woodstock Theological Centre Volume 2.
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    The essays in this volume address a closely interconnected set of questions: To be true to its mission, what function is the Church meant to perform? What does the faith of Christians contribute to the human perception of justice? What is the theological significance of action undertaken by Christians for political or social transformation? Is justice to be looked on as one of the moral virtues that it is incumbent on Christians to practice or has it a more intrinsic link to the gift of faith which Christians have received? Does the following of Christ call Christians away from social systems into "the new creation" or is the call extended to them to concern themselves with the social systems which shape human beings?

    Contributors include:
    -Avery Dulles
    -William Dych
    -John Donahue
    -John Langan
    -David Hollenbach
    -Richard Roach
    -William Walsh