The Johannine Council - Vintage Book

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Witness to Unity. 1963 edition paperback. Discusses the mystery of unity, the concerns of the Council in the light of the mystery of unity, and the conversion of all Christians to unity.
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    This book is a theological commentary on the ecumental mission of the Second Vatican Council. In this it differs from the many varied - and often contradictory - assessments and factual reports of conciliar events during the first session. The author finds the ruling genius of the council in its Johannine character, in its reflection of John the Baptist, the preacher of penance and conversion; of John the Divine, the theologian of love and unity; and of John XXIII as chief bishop of all mankind. In the light of this spirit the events of the first session are interpreted with a view to providing new insights into the probable achievement of subsequent sessions. With restraint and objectivity, Father Haring discusses the need for increased use of the vernacular in the litgury, for concelebration, and for occasional admission of the laity to the chalice. He speaks of a clearer appreication of the role of individual bishops, and of the laity's intrinsic right - even apart from offical Catholic Action - to bear witness to its faith. Writing specifically as a moralist, he is gently critical of recent controversies over means and ends in marriage. Finally, in the social sphere he calls for an implementation of the teaching of Mater et Magistra and an effort on the part of  Catholics to draw what truths trhey can from the alien doctrins of Marxism and Existentialism.