The Life & Wisdom of Benedict

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The "Saints Alive" series introduces the reader to the lives of the great saints. This volume focuses on Saint Benedict. Second hand paperback book.
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    The saints are gurus for our times. Despite historical distance, bizarre stories about them, and their obvious human frailty, their lives reflect a deep level of truth. They have become icons to last through the ages, pointing beyond themselves to profound truths about the spiritual world and our place within it. Saints Alive introduces the stories of the saints, reflects on their meaining for today and shows that true wisdom is timeless. Benedict was the father of the Western monasticism. He was the first person to try to understand how we can live together with any degree of authenticity. He laid out systems for leadership, ownership, belonging and shared living. Benedictine monks brought an alternative system into the world. Benedict's ideas are relevant, not just for the Church, but for the world of politics and international unity.