The Man Born to be King - Vintage Book

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A play-cycle on the life of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Second hand hardback book 1966 edition, no dust jacket, previous owners names on first page.
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    The Man Born to Be King is a radio drama based on the life of Jesus, produced and broadcast by the BBC during the Second World War. It is a play cycle consisting of twelve plays depicting specific periods in Jesus' life, from the events surrounding his birth to his death and resurrection. It was first broadcast by the BBC Home Service on Sunday evenings, beginning on 21 December 1941, with new episodes broadcast at 4-week intervals, ending on 18 October 1942. The series was written by novelist and dramatist Dorothy L. Sayers, and produced by Val Gielgud, with Robert Speaight as Jesus.

    The twelve plays in the cycle are:

    Kings in Judea
    The King's Herald
    A Certain Nobleman
    The Heirs to the Kingdom
    The Bread of Heaven
    The Feast of Tabernacles
    The Light and the Life
    Royal Progress
    The King's Supper
    The Princes of This World
    King of Sorrows
    The King Comes to His Own