The New Movements

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A Theological Introduction. New movements and communities in the life of the Church. CTS booklet.
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    This theological introduction by Fr Ian Ker, the first booklet in a new series on new movements and communities, places the new movements in their historical and ecclesiological context. His analysis of the Second Vatican Council, the articulation between charismatic and hierarchical gifts and his belief that the Church has much to learn from the new movements in transcending the traditional laity - clergy divide, makes compelling reading. Both before and after the Council, the Church witnessed the flourishing of many new movements and communities. Characterised by a striking vitality and varied fruits, and not unlike the religious orders of past ages, these new 'initiatives' in today's Church share a passion to evangelise in a world losing interest and hope in Gospel. Held up by many as the new hope for the Church and criticised by others, the movements never fail to generate interest. This series aims to promote better knowledge and understanding.