The Shape of the Church to Come

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Second hand hardback 1974 edition.
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    At the present time the whole Church throughout the world is constantly subject to criticism from within and without, and change is everywhere the order of the day. Established institutions are crumbling, ancient customs are being abolished, and millions of faithful Christians are wondering whether the disappearance of much that has been found to be essentail may not insensibly lead on to the loss of the 'one thing needful'. Many of these problems and difficulties came to the fore at the synod of German Roman Catholic bishops held in 1971. Taking the discussions at the synod as his starting point, Karl Rahner first analyses the situation of the Church in West Germany and then goes on to consider the tasks for the Church today and tomorrow. Though his reflections are sparked off by the German situation, the problems and the solutions which he proposes are of universal application. English-speaking Christians will appreciate the bold thrusting into the future and the undaunted development of plans for a concrete Utopia, which are not facile blue-prints but the product of Karl Rahner's deep theological insight. Karl Rahner stresses the need for the Church to travel light, to abandon without complaints things which though old-established are inessential, to strive creatively for a future for what is permanent, in short, to be 'the Pilgrim Church on earth'.